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A transcendent courier
of terror: Putin

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire 9th February 2016: 

Tatyana Ishutkina and Nikolay Synkov from Connecticut decorate their car with a pirate and a dragon balloon figure to represent their view on Putin. “In Washington D.C one person passed by and said ‘you are right to represent Putin as a
pirate’. Putin is a real pirate, just to rob, to destroy,” said Tatyana.  
(Photograph by: Jin Kyung Grace Seo/BUNS)

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Georgia and preservation of the
cultural heritage
Fermata Arts Foundation Georgia

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Ideal House Georgia
One of the elements of the activities of the Fermata Arts Foundation, an American non-profit organization,  in Tbilisi, Georgia, is an exhibition of children's drawings "Ideal House" that will take place in the Exhibition Hall of Georgian International Creative Union on May 10-11, 2012
Address: Kalistrate Kutateladze str, 6, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Opening: on May 10, 2012 @ 17:00pm

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Ideal House:Georgia: Exhibition Opening 

 #29 Art School named after Hamlet Gonashvili


Sculptor George Tchankotadze
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